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So now with the first decade of the millenium gone, we are well on our way as humans to reaching the next century. I thought I'd take this day in history to Join Newgrounds along with several other websites and start showcasing any art/animation/voice talent I can.

Hi, I'm SpiralJustice. 16 years old, Male. I'm a Voice Actor. I'm also an artist and animator, and maybe a writer? I have a passion for the animation community and I've been into Anime/Cartoons ever since I was born. I've really been inspired by some of the artists on here and I hope that I can become a well rounded member in the community. If you require a voice in your flash animations, Don't hesitate to look me up.

I'll be taking up flash again this year and I'm already coming up with new ideas to create my own little series. Hopefully I can get past procrastination and actually come out with something by the end of Winter or Early Spring.

So with that, I wish all of you a Happy New Year and I hope that this year goes great for everyone!